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Our Company

GEP Support Limited is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales. We are based in Rochdale, located to service the North West region. The office is secure, accessible and well equipped with modern IT facilities.

Our promise

We provide a wide range of care and support services, tailored to each individual’s requirements. We are passionate about understanding your needs and requirements, and ensuring that we support you in just the way you need.

We understand the importance of being in control of your own life and care, so we design our services to support your personal choices at every stage. From simple tasks to complex care packages, short-term rehabilitation to palliative care, our care staff and service support team can help.

Our staff

Our team of dedicated, compassionate and friendly home care workers are committed to providing support with dignity and respect. We follow a stringent recruitment procedure to ensure that all of our workers are compliant with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) statutory regulations. This enables us to supply our clients with only the highest calibre healthcare professionals.

The team is led by an experienced Manager, Tsitsi Nesvinga who founded the company and has a strong commitment to developing quality services.

Why us?

GEP Support team has many years’ experience delivering support to individuals within their own home right across North West, so we understand how difficult the decision to accept care in your own home can be, the multiple reasons individuals may require home care and how to make the service as stress-free as possible for the customer – particularly in the difficult early stages.

With this in mind, our domiciliary care service is available to support individuals with a wide range of needs over any given time frame. This could be for those suffering long-term illnesses and need temporary care over a long period, through to those who require a regular drop-in for a hand with the cleaning, personal medical care or even just to see a friendly face.

GEP Support has many strict protocols in place to provide the most supportive, dignified and friendly home care service possible. On top of ensuring a thorough personalised care plan is produced to meet the customer’s exact needs, wishes and cultural requirements.

All of our staff receive ongoing training, ensuring their skills are constantly refreshed and developed. We have staff from a variety of healthcare backgrounds, meaning we can cater for a vast array of specialist needs and we don’t just recruit based on skills and qualifications, we have a rigorous selection process that ensures our staff members have the highest moral standards and understanding of compassionate care giving.

To help the customer feel as comfortable as possible with their new routine and visitors entering their home, we spend a lot of time selecting a carer who will match both care requirements and interests, and we always aim to provide the same carer our customer is familiar with, helping them build a relationship – all adding to the standard of care and customer’s quality of life.

No two days are the same for any of us, but a domiciliary care customer may find changes in their daily needs develop at varying rates, meaning their original care plan can soon become outdated. At GEP Support, we constantly assess the customer’s needs and report back to designated relatives with recommended adjustments to the care plan – be this different visit times, different procedures and even the requirement for more or less support.

CQ​C Registration

Our company's services are registered with the regulator Care Quality Commission (CQC), meaning they are fully registered and monitored to ensure our services meet the standards set by the governing body.

  • By safe, CQC mean that people are protected from physical, psychological or emotional harm.
  • By effective, CQC mean that people’s needs are met, and their care is in line with nationally-recognised guidelines and relevant NICE quality standards or that effective new techniques are used which give them the best chance of getting better or living independently.
  • By caring, CQC mean that people are treated with compassion, respect and dignity and that care is tailored to their needs.
  • By responsive, CQC mean that people get the care at the right time, without excessive delay, and that they are listened to in a way that responds to their needs and concerns.
  • By well-led, CQC mean that there is effective leadership, governance and involvement at all levels of the organisation, and an open, fair and transparent culture that listens and learns from people’s views and experiences to make improvements.